BTC/USD forecast. Bitcoin is Losing Ground

On Wednesday, bitcoin lost some of its gained positions against the background of the strengthening of the dollar before the announcement of the results of the Fed meeting, at which the regulator may announce the beginning of the curtailment of the quantitative easing program.

Australia’s largest bank may provide its customers with the opportunity to trade bitcoin starting next year

It is reported that the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) will allow its 6.5 million customers to buy, sell and store bitcoins directly in its banking application. The bank will be the first in Australia to offer customers direct access to bitcoins.

October was a record month for capital inflows into bitcoin funds thanks to the approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission of two ETFs based on bitcoin futures. According to the weekly report of CoinShares, for the week ended October 31, the volume of investments in crypto investment products amounted to $ 288 million, of which $ 269 million was in bitcoin.

The National Securities Commission of Argentina may follow the path of US regulators and approve ETFs based on bitcoin futures. Bloomberg reported that Argentina’s largest futures exchange, Matba Rofex, is seeking regulatory approval to launch non-deliverable bitcoin futures.

Robert Kiyosaki expressed the opinion that the United States is on the verge of recession and strongly recommended buying gold, silver and bitcoin as protective assets. He also recently stated, “I like bitcoin because I don’t trust the Fed, the Treasury Department, and Wall Street.”

According to technical analysis, in case of consolidation above the resistance level of 63700, the road to the historical maximum of 67000 will open. In case of consolidation below 60,000, a decrease to 58300 is likely.